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Lives Change @ Your Library

April 13th through April 19th is National Library Week. The theme of the week this year is Lives Change @ Your Library. We’re no strangers to that! Here at LBPH we hear from our fantastic patrons quite a bit, and they often tell us that the service we provide, and the books they read do indeed change their live for the better!

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A quick poll around our Library of books that made a difference in the lives of some of staff include:

Tony (Library Assistant Book Selector): East of Eden by John Steinbeck (DB 49676/ CL 12104)

Eric (Library Assistant Book Selector): The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (DB 47486/ CL 7742, DB 47487/ CL 6368, and DB 47488/ CL 6372)

Devon (Public Services Librarian): Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe (DB 50070/ CL 5337)

Abbey (Library Assistant Book Selector): Mrs. Piggle Wiggle Treasury by Betty MacDonald (DB 59857)

Jon (Senior Clerk, Registration): Deliverance by James Dickey (DB 25291)

This week think about a book that made a difference in your life. Maybe it’s time to re-visit a classic or a favorite and re-read it. Maybe it’s time to call us here at LBPH and talk about what the next book that makes a difference in your life may be!

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Opening Day

Dear readers, if you are anything like me, you were so excited for the baseball season's Opening Day that you forgot to write a blog post about it. Major League Baseball is fully under way at this point, and here at LBPH we are hoping the Pirates can continue their run from last year and become a perennial playoff team (and we wish no specific ill will to our neighbors/rivals across the state, the Phillies). Here's some books that might help you get in the spirit of our National Pastime:

PNC Park, Home of the Pirates
  • Pirate for Life
  • DBL 441
  • by Steve Blass
  • In the prime of his career, pitcher Steve Blass was finished at age 32. He tells the story of his life on and off the field from his Connecticut childhood to the beginning of his professional baseball career with a complete-game victory over Hall of Famer Don Drysdale in 1964 to his current role as broadcaster of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Strong language. 2012.
  • Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero
  • DB 62447
  • by David Maraniss
  • Biography of the Pittsburgh Pirates' right fielder Roberto Clemente (1934-1972), one of the major league's first Latino players. Details Clemente's upbringing in Puerto Rico, his arrival to the majors, and the prejudice he endured. Discusses his charitable works and his death on a disaster relief flight. Strong language. Bestseller. 2006.
  • Stan Musial: An American Life
  • DB 75337
  • by George Vecsay
  • New York Times sports columnist chronicles the life and career of St. Louis Cardinals slugger and Hall of Famer Stan Musial (born 1920). Highlights "Stan the Man's" Donora, Pennsylvania, childhood and his onfield success despite being overshadowed in the media by his flamboyant contemporaries Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams. 2011.

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Best of BARD, March 2014

Dear readers, I must admit, every once in a while I am taken aback by the Best of BARD selections. March was one of those months. To have King Patterson without a presence in the Top Five is one thing, but to only have two contemporary titles is another thing entirely. This month's still features some of our favorites, Belva Plain, Dean Koontz and the like, but we are digging deep into their bibliography. Nothing wrong with revisiting some of the greats! Here's the choices for the month of March, and I hope I will continue to be surprised by what comes next:

Cover for Koontz's Lightning
  • Lightning
  • DB 26960/ CL 4476
  • by Dean Koontz
  • Throughout her thirty years, Laura Shane has been trailed by a tall, blonde, blue-eyed stranger who mysteriously appears with abolt of lightning and rescues her from injury or death. She silently accepts him as her guardian angel until one snowy day, after saving her family from a fatal car crash, he reveals his true identity and desperate need for her help. Some violence. Some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 1988.
  • Treasures
  • DB 34009/ CL 4886
  • by Belva Plain
  • The death of their mother in 1973 heralds a parting of the ways for three siblings--Lara, Connie, and Eddy Osborne. Lara has married her childhood sweetheart and they are confortably settled in Ohio. Connie takes off for Texas, and Eddy moves to New York. As the family members seek their fortunes, a sense ofgreed hovers over them, threatening to take away what they treasure most. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1992.
  • Killing Jesus
  • DB 77565/ CL 15212
  • by Bill O'Reilly
  • Political commentator O'Reilly and historian Dugard chronicle the political and social milieus in which Jesus lived. They discuss Rome's domination of Judea, Jesus's spiritual journey, and the events that led to his crucifixion. Some violence. Bestseller. 2013.
  • The Third Deadly Sin
  • DB 15863
  • by Lawrence Sanders
  • Edward X. Delaney, retired chief of detectives of the New York police department, seeks a murderer whom he believes to be a bizarre psychopath. Killer X strikes exclusively in large hotels, kills only out-of-town businessmen, and wears a wig. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 1981.
  • Silent Night
  • DB 77762
  • by Robert B. Parker
  • During the holiday season Boston PI Spenser is approached by a street kid who goes by the name Slide. Someone has been threatening the director of the organization that provides Slide with shelter and work, and Slide asks Spenser for help. Strong language and some violence. 2013.

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Visionary, Pt. I

The collection we have at the Carnegie Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is broad and multifaceted. We have titles ranging from new best sellers and award winning pieces of fiction, to reference guides, self-help books, and even cook books! Within what is sometimes called genre-fiction, our collection includes some interesting titles featuring characters that live with some level of visual disability. This is the first post in a short series featuring these kinds of works. From romance, to mystery, to historical fiction, and adventure, the following books feature with characters that live with some visual disability. Check out these fantastic characters in:

  • The Arrangement
  • DB 77497
  • by Mary Balogh
  • Viscount Vincent Hunt, who was blinded in battle during the Napoleonic wars, flees his family's matchmaking efforts and returns to his childhood village. Vincent rescues impoverished lady Sophia Fry from her relatives, and the two come agree to marry for convenience. Some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013.
Cover for Someone by McDermott
  • Someone
  • DB 77561
  • by Alice McDermott
  • Marie Commeford, a woman with compromised eyesight, reflects back on her life in Brooklyn. The personalities of her fellow first and second-generation Irish American neighbors color her world before and after World War II. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013.
  • Bloodshot
  • DB 73443
  • by Cherie Priest
  • Blind Ian Stott hires fellow vampire Raylene Pendle--also known as Cheshire Red--to steal medical documents that may help Ian restore his sight. But in the process Raylene finds herself up against Project Bloodshot, a government program that performed cruel experiments on vampires. Strong language. 2011.
  • Lost Girls: A Sherry Moore Novel
  • DB/RC 68334
  • by George D Shuman
  • When a mountain climber is found dead in Alaska, blind psychic Sherry Moore uses her gift of seeing a corpse's last thoughts in hopes of finding the victim's fellow climbers. Instead, visions lead Moore to a Caribbean slave-trafficking ring and a missing girl's mother. Strong language and some violence. 2008.

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